Royal Danish Navy Rum

This rum has been recreated accordingly to the original formula of the “Royal Navy Rum” exactly as Albert Heinrich Riise created and designed it.

He delivered it to the navy vessels when berthing the port of Charlotte Amalie in the former Danish – West Indies, (now U.S. Virgin Island)

This superb rum is a combination of several different, up to 20 years old rum distillates of the “Vedderburn and Plummer” type.

This molasses-based rum is produced by slow fermentation, which then becomes kettle distilled in the traditional “Pot Still” to rum with 85% alcohol strength.

This method results in a fantastic rum with an extremely dark, almost black color with complex shades of coffee, anise, licorice, burnt caramel, molasses, spices and cedar.

This is combined with an exotic and elegant taste of bitter orange and bergamot fruits, finished off with an extended, solid, bold and sweet aftertaste.

Riise’s Royal Navy Rum is hand blended in small batches and is not cold filtered nor is caramel added.