A.H. Riise X.O. Port Cask Rum

The New A.H. Riise Port Cask Finish Rum is comprised of more than 15 different exquisite rum distillates with an average age of 20 years – all specially selected by our cellar master.

The resulting rum has subsequently received a barrel finish, being stored in a Port Vins barrel (pipe) from the famous port house of Cálem for six months.

A.H. Riise Port Cask has a beautiful dark mahogany colour with a ruby red hue. It has a unique and slightly spicy vanilla flavour with a good fruity finish and complex tones of forest berries and port.

Production of this luxury rum is extremely limited. Each barrel is specially selected by our Master Distiller who bottles the rum by hand.

All bottles are labelled with an individual bottle number and the bottling year.