A.H. Riise X.O. Kong Haakon

The launch of this rare Limited Edition Rum is a celebration of the friendship between two unique men – King Haakon VII of Norway and Valdemar Riise.

Riise was the proprietor of A.H. Riise Rum and Pharmacy, which was founded by his father Albert Heinrich Riise in 1838 on the island of St. Thomas in the Danish West Indies (known today as the United States Virgin Islands).

Haakon VII was originally known as Prince Carl of Denmark before being crownedKing of Norway in 1905. His parents were King Frederick VIII and Queen Louise of Denmark.

Prince Carl was educated at the Royal Danish Naval Academy and visited the Danish West Indies twice when he was part of the crew on board Royal Danish Navy vessels. The first time was in 1886 when he was only 14 years old aboard the legendary frigate, Jutland. The second time was in 1895-96 when he was a naval officer aboard the frigate, Fyen.

King Haakon and Riise established a close friendship over the years and enjoyed each other ’s company on several occasions when King Haakon visited the A.H. Riise Pharmacy and Riise’s private home.

King Haakon appointed Valdemar Riise Norwegian Consul in the Danish West Indies in 1906, and awarded him the Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav in 1912.

This rum is based on the original recipe that was King Haakon’s favorite. It is being introduced in strictly limited quantities, and is now commercially available for the first time ever.