A.H. Riise The Thin Blue Line Denmark

A.H. Riise Thin Blue Line. Together, we have created a very special, exclusive rum: A.H. Riise The Thin Blue Line Denmark. The rum is an X.O. Reservé Rum. This is a blend made especially for the support association, and it is extremely tasty.

The nose gives tones of honey and old leather. The floral is subtle, and instead we receive reminders of warm winter cloves and mild tobacco.

The taste has a wonderful mildness, and a fantastic roundness devoid of any sharp edges. We taste carnations and English licorice, and we can also taste honey. This is a rum that really caresses you. It leaves a long and hot aftertaste.

The Thin Blue Line Denmark is a volunteer association founded and operated as a non-profit by many police officers. The association was founded based on two serious shooting episodes against Danish police officers in 2016, one unfortunately with a fatal outcome.

The association aims to support current and former employees of the police, who have been seriously, injured, either mentally or physically, during their service. The association also supports relatives and survivors.

By purchasing this bottle of rum, you support the association’s future financial work to help police officers who have been seriously injured while performing their jobs as police. People and families, who have paid a high price for protecting Danish society.