A.H. Riise Non Plus Ultra Very Rare Rum

Non Plus Ultra is the luxury “Ultra Premium” Rum, which completes our A.H. Riise rum range.

The term “Non Plus Ultra” originates from Hercules pillars of the Roman mythology which was built near the Gibraltar Strait and marked the boundary of the known world. The columns bore the inscription “Non Plus Ultra” (Latin) This means (Nothing Further Beyond) as a warning to seafarers not to continue the voyage into the unknown world.

This Rum specifically honors the term “Non Plus Ultra” which loosely translated means “The Best” or “None after this” as it is the best and oldest rum that we have available.

Non Plus Ultra is hand blended of our “Master Distiller” who personally selects each cask included in the final Rum blend. This rum has a beautiful dark mahogany-like color, with an elegant spicy bouquet with notes of molasses, oak, tobacco and orange.

The taste is Non Plus Ultra a unique experience, with its very rich, long and fruity flavor with hints of cedar, Vanilla, Caramel, fine Sherry and Seville Orange, which continues almost indefinitely, and ends of with an elegant soft finish.
A Super Premium Rum in strictly limited quantities of which only 30.000 bottles is produced on a yearly basis.