A.H. Riise Fregatten Jylland Rum 35cl.

In 1886, the Frigate Jutland headed out on its last voyage to the Danish-West Indies, where the royally privileged pharmacies of Albert Heinrich Riise (A.H. Riise) ruled. Besides various forms of medicine, he also produced rum according to his own recipe, which he delivered to the Danish Navy when they arrived at St. Thomas.

Today, A. H. Riise produces rum with the apothecary’s old recipe, which he developed through experiments with the plants he gathered around the Danish-West Indies. It was a collaboration that lasted many years. When his son, Valdemar Riise, took over the rum production, he was the one who provided the Frigate Jutland with good rum from the West Indies.

Later the Frigate Jutland turned into a museum ship, and A.H. Riise is currently located in Copenhagen.  The two parties have now resumed the West Indies cooperation.

This A.H. Riise is an exclusive 45% edition of our popular Danish Navy rum, which is blended with several different rums that are up to 20 years old, with distillates such as the “Vedderburn and Plummer” type.  It is a molasses-based rum produced by slow fermentation in a traditional “Pot Still.”

An amazing rum with an extremely dark, almost black color with complex tones of coffee, anise, licorice , roasted caramel, molasses, spices, and cedar trees. This is combined with an exotic and elegant taste of bitter orange and bergamot fruit, finished off with a long, massive, rich and sweet aftertaste.