A.H. Riise Centennial Celebration Rum

A. H. Riise Centennial Celebration Rum is a special limited edition rum, made in occasion of the 100th anniversary of the transfer of the former Danish West indies islands to the United States of America which took place on 31. Of March 1917.

Each bottle is individually numbered and only 10.000 bottles has been produced to commemorate this special event.

The Centennial Rum is a blend of rums drawn from our oldest, most rare and precious rum casks. We have used rums aged in P.X., Oloroso Sherry and Port casks in the blend of this great sipping rum.

The rum has a rich complex and elegant taste of raisins, brown sugar and molasses with delicate notes of caramel, butterscotch and fresh sugarcane. It is finished of with pleasantly long and lingering slightly dry taste of wood tannins with hints of spices, pepper and leather.

The rum is bottled in a sophisticated luxury decanter and finished with a branded cork stopper and comes with an elegant single gift box.